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Jess Robinson
Kitten of the Year, 2010

  Jess Robinson is Kitten of the Year

      Meet the newest member of that elite group that wears the cat-eared tiara of "Kitten of the Year," the long, lean and very naturally redheaded Jess Robinson. Brace yourself when you meet her in person, Jess is a total cutup who's got the dizzy Lucille Ball redhead routine down pat. She's also got a remarkable ability to poke fun at herself - and her towering height - with a dead-on impression of the Incredible Hulk.
     No stranger to modeling, she's started a small studio of her own in the Dallas area while traveling the country to work in front of the camera. She's also appeared mulitple times in the Playboy "Cyber Club" and on the newsstands in their "Best of Lingerie" series. Sharp eyes may recognize her as the cover model for the July/August issue of Playboy's BOL.
     We're just very glad she had enough time this past year to don some Femcat togs as well as perch herself on the hoods of cars belonging to a few lucky Dallas-Fort Worth Cougar owners.

Jess appears above in a gingham print triangle top G-thong bikini by Kiwi Bikinis. They come in sizes XS-L, and in a stunning display of her ability to defy laws of physics, Jess models the XS here.

Destiny White is Femcat 2010

Destiny White,
Femcat 2010

     Yes, your overwhelming choice for "Kitten of the Year 2009" returns as "Femcat 2010." And we're all very happy to have exceedingly lovely and talented Miss Destiny White back for another year.
      Destiny's been living a larger than life existence since last you saw her here. First off, she's been all over the world in pursuit of her dream to one day open a yoga studio. That vision sent her to the foothills of the Himalayas to an ancient yoga ashram where she delved ever more deeply into the study that has become her consuming passion. Expect to be able to take a yoga class from one of the masters at her studio before too long.
     Destiny has also been busy on stage, where she's appeared in productions of Beckett and Hair.
     And, oh yes, there was that bit about her being selected by the readers of Playboy as their "Special Editions Model of the Year."
     What's next? Well, Destiny is bringing her studies at Ball State University (where she's a musical theater major) to a close, but she's hardly leaving acting. In fact, among the dozens of people who auditioned for the Actor's Showcase in Chicago, she was one of the handful selected. So those of you in the Windy City may well get to see her on stage before too long.
     We've seen her on stage, in print, and in front of still and video cameras; and we know there's no limit to where this talented young lady will one day go.

Destiny appears above in a plum-colored triangle top and G-string bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.


Chelsae Rae is Miss Kitty for January  

Miss Kitty for January

      Extend a big welcome back to the "big" page to the lovely miss Chelsae Rae. She's been a busy girl since last you saw her here, having completed her nursing program at Arizona State Unversity and gone to work at a regional hospital in Phoenix as an ER, surgery, and onoclogy nurse. We tried not to take too much of her valuable time away, since she's also passionately involved in work with autistic children. And if the outgoing, bubbly, and hugely personable Chelsae can't forge a connection with them, we really don't know who can.

Miss Kitty for February

      Taking another turn - inside turn three in the Daytona tri-oval, actually - is Candy Keane, one of the Florida stunners who's kept this calendar so sunshiney over the years.
     Ask her what she's been up to lately, and there's a good chance you can get her to tell you a little about modeling or possibly a little about gardening. But odds are, you'll hear all about her new offerings as the owner of "Three Muses Clothing."
     Last we heard from her, she was shipping a Madonna costume to Sweden fast on the heels of having made an "emergency" shipment of one to Ireland. In her words, "The epidemic has gone global." And so, evidently, have sales for this brainy, business-savvy blonde.

Candy appears at right in a red piped "cherries" g-thong and triangle top bikini (trust us, there's a swimsuit there somewhere...) by Kiwi Bikinis.

  Candy Keane is Miss Kitty for February

Carlotta Champagne is Femcat  


      Back for another year is the lovely and talented Carlotta Champagne, who reprises her role as "Femcat." Carlotta has been a busy girl in the past year, travelling coast to coast as a pinup model, as well as appearing yet again in Playboy magazine.
     Her latest project is a collection of clothes and accessories made from... um... condoms. She's doing her part to keep those dangerous curves safe, we suppose. Or she's trying out unusual artistic media on the way to her ultimate goal of one day owning an art gallery.

Carlotta appears at right in a sheer lavender g-string and triangle top bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.


      Tabitha Perkins continues working as a model in the Central Texas area, where she's accumulated a number of credits in fashion and pinup print modeling. She's also been keeping herself amused a few nights a week as a cocktail waitress in a few of the region's most upscale clubs. Tabitha always leaves us shaken, not stirred.

Tabitha appears at right in a red piped "girl racer" g-thong and triangle top bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

  Tabitha Perkins is Femcat

Melissa Baldwin is Miss Kitty for March  

Miss Kitty for March

      Say welcome back to Melissa Baldwin, who takes one more turn as a model on our March calendar page. Melissa is one of our many Sunshine State cuties, and her resume includes appearances as a "femme fatale" on a variety of daytime soaps as well as playing everything from Cinderella to Mary Poppins (picture a black wig...) for Disney, where her last major stint took her all the way to Japan for an extended gig with Disney-Tokyo.
     Her latest big role has been as "mom," though. She had a boy, so count on a seeing one more little fella spinning wrenches in a few years.

Miss Kitty for December, Femcat

      Say another hello to our favorite schoolteacher model from Texas, Jaclyn Renee. She's had her hands full working to educate underpriveledged kids in a bilingual school district in San Antonio. We hope those kids appreciate the fact that she's as dedicated a teacher as she is. We certainly appreciate the fact that she's back and looking fabulous in a bikini again. Miss Grundy she ain't.

Jaclyn appears at right in a hot pink piped "girl racer" print G-thong side-tie triangle top bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

  Jaclyn Renee is Miss Kitty for December

Gloria Jimenez is Femcat  


      Say hello to Femcat newcomer Gloria Jimenez, a former Miss Peru who's 100% Latina. These days she's living in Denver, CO and commuting for work to Los Angeles, where she's much in demand as a model and actress. This bilingual beauty may look familiar to many of you as a finalist for the title of "Miss Hooters International." And we're very glad that with as full a schedule as she's got - and with as much travel as is on it - she stood still long enough to be a Femcat for us.

Gloria appears at left in as American flag G-string side-tie bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.


      Back again is the lovely and talented Los Angeles based model Stephanie De Jane. Since last we got her on our pages here, she's had a starring appearance in Playboy's Book of Lingerie as well as a few cameos in the Playboy Cyber Club She's also been a "Bond Girl" for you fans of everyone's favorite British superspy. And of course at 6' tall, she's been all over the runways of southern California. We're glad we had a Femcat costume long and lean enough to cover her (well, almost).

Stephanie appears at right in a see-through blue lace G-thong side-tie triangle top bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

  Stephanie Hodge is Femcat

Natasha Devi is Miss Kitty for March

Miss Kitty for March

      It's so good to have our favorite actress-model from Nepal back with us for another year. Around here, we jokingly call Natasha "the sherpa," since when she puts on a bikini, wherever she leads, we'll follow.
     Since last we touched base, she's finished her master's degree in marketing and has been at a day job honing her formidable skills as an e-mail marketer. If she sent you an e-mail, are you going to tell us that you're not going to open it?


      Say hello again to Molly Gensler, who's spent the last year hitting the gym hard (as if she really needed to...) as a fitness and bodybuiding competitor. At the same time, she's been using that fabulous look as a model. Remember to give her your vote in the Maxim magazine "Hometown Hotties" contest.

  Molly Gensler is Femcat

Jamie O'Neill is Femcat  


     Back one more time is buxom blonde Jamie O'Neill. And we're more than happy to have her here. Since last she checked in, she's been busy as a commercial print and video model for a medical supply company (we can only guess at how many heart rates she's run up there) and as a print model for a large number of fashion projects. And she always looks fashionable in "Femcat basic black."

Jamie appears at left in a red foil triangle top and g-thong bottom bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

Miss Kitty for June

     Welcome back one more time the lovely Michelle Johnson, who's enjoying life as a newlywed as well as an onocology nurse at Texas Childrens Hospital. These days, her modeling days are largely behind her, but we're glad that she's stepped up for one more engagement with us.

  Michelle Johnson is Miss Kitty for June

Karen is Femcat



       Extend a big hello to our first "Cyber Kitten," the lovely Miss Karen. She makes an appearance here as a "Femcat" while we go to work on developing a cyber Cougar for her to pose with one day. Karen's doing her first print modeling gig with us, but she's been hanging out online (yes, there are things like online car shows) for a bit. Along the way to appearing in this year's calendar, she's had a lot of input on hair, makeup, and swimwear from the other Kittens, so in many ways her look is a composite of a dozen or so folks who've been in these pages over the years.

Ma Dawn
Miss Kitty for July

      Back again for another visit is MaDawn Souders, who takes this time takes a turn as our Miss Kitty for July. Since last appearing here, MaDawn has been balancing new motherhood with a tremendous amount of fashion modeling in central Pennsylvania as well as along the east coast. Don't be surprised if she turns up again in Carlisle.

MaDawn appears at right in a red-piped "girl racer" triangle top and g-thong bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

  MaDawn Souders is Miss Kitty for July

Makenna Hatter is Femcat!


      Back for another quick turn as Femcat is the lovely Makenna Hatter, who's spent the last couple of years splitting time between modeling and helping in her new husband's law practice. So nice that the courtrooms haven't kept her so busy that she didn't have time to spend a few minutes in ears and a tail for us. Lock us up with somebody like her and throw away the key, please...

Makenna appears at left in a hot pink-piped silver foil triangle top and g-thong bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

Miss Kitty for August

       Back again as Miss August is Kirstie Tynes, who's been busy as a promotional and print model in Oklahoma. Many of you may remember her from her appearance at Cougar Nationals West in Dallas in 2005, and we're eager to get her back for another big show in the area as soon as we can.

  Kirstie Tynes is Miss Kitty for August

Michelle Cler is Femcats



      It just wouldn't be Cougars and Kittens without a visit from our 2006 Kitten of the Year, Michelle Cler. So good to have her back one more time as a Femcat.
      As we write this Michelle is in the countdown to becoming a mom. And if you have visions of pregnant ladies putting on 40 pounds that they never get back off, forget it. Michelle is looking as lean, athletic, and healthy as any soon-to-be mom we've ever seen. So expect that she'll play hooky just one more time from motherhood - and her career as a social worker in the Orlando, Florida area - to get a few more photos with us when next we're in the Sunshine State.

Michelle appears above in a sandstone-piped copper foil triangle top and rio bottom bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

Miss Kitty for September

       Speaking of Kittens of the Year without whom it wouldn't be a calendar, say a big "welcome back" to Diania Marie, our Kitten of the Year for 2008. Diania's currently wrapping up college in north Texas as well as modeling, modeling, and modeling. She's been cashing in left and right as a print and spokesmodel, and perpetually debating whether to take her show on the road to LA when school's out. So glad we caught up with her in Denver long enough to get her onto our September page and back cover.

Diania appears at left in a wine colored triangle top and side-tie micro-string bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

  Diania Maris is Miss Kitty for September

NV is Miss Kitty for September  

Miss Kitty for Spetember, Back Cover Kitty

     Joining Diania Marie (above) and Kira (below) to fill out our September page and back cover is NV, a model who's been busy in the Denver area. She's been actively traveling for the camera as well, and those of you in Los Angeles shouldn't be surprised to see her out there, either. We're just glad she's back on our pages.

NV appears at left in a black-piped blue foil triangle top and Rio bottom bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

Miss Kitty for September, Back Cover Kitty

     Finishing out our September page - and the mighty threesome including the two ladies just above - is Kira, another Denver-based model. Long, lean, and tall, Kira spends a lot of her time on the runway, but we got lucky and got her on camera for print work. Many of you probably remember her spectacular 2008 calendar cover, and her appearance on this year's September page and back cover are no less breathtaking.

Kira appears at right "broken glass" orange triangle top and g-thong bottom bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

  Kira is Miss Kitty for September!

Chelsea Leigh is Femcat



       Say a big Texas "Howdy" to Cougars and Kittens newcomer Chelsea Leigh, who's no newcomer to modeling, having worked in front of cameras and on the runways in Massachusetts before coming to our hometown of Austin. These days she's much in demand in the central Texas region as a swimwear, fashion, and "edgy" art model. And looking at her edges here, we're most happy to have her.

Chlesea appears above in a gold animal print triangle top and Rio cut bottom bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

Dana Marie

      Welcome back one more time to Dana Marie, who's been logging the frequent flier miles between her hometown Washington, DC and Los Angeles. Yes, Hef likes to see her at the mansion. And he also likes to see her in the pages of Playboy, where she's been an "Employee of the Month." If we had Dana in our office, we'd probably never go home.

Dana Marie appears at right in a bacl-piped gold foil triangle top and side-tie g-string bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

  Diania Marie is Femcat

Kristy Rae is Miss Kitty for October!  

Kristy Rae
Miss Kitty for October

     Say hello to quintessential southern belle Kristy Rae, who snags our October page for herself. Since last you saw her (and she first appeared in Cougars and Kittens way back in 2003), Kristy's been traveling to sporting events all over the country as one of Old Spice's "Girls of the Red Zone." It seems she's always in motion and always looking fabulous. And we shouldn't be at all surprised that a fast mover and sports lover would be here with our favorite fast sportscar.

Kristy appears at left in a yellow piped "girl racer" side tie g-string bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.


      Reprising her role as Femcat is Taylor Shaw, who in the past year has been doing as much hair and makeup styling as modeling. Lucky us, we got her back in front of the camera where we think she ought to be from time to time.

Taylor appears at right in a navy blue polka dot tie-side g-string bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

  Taylor Shaw is Femcat

Allison Brown is Miss Kitty for November!  

Miss Kitty for November

     Making another appearance for us is the lovely Miss Allison Brown, who's been print and promotional modeling throughout the Louisville and Northern Kentucky area. The MySpace users among you may recognize her as "Miss Myspace" for October. But November's really the month where you can enjoy her in all her string bikini clad glory.

Allison appears at left in a red piped "wild cherries" side tie g-string bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.


     Say hello again to Cierra Danielle who has appeared in magazines, on cell-phone wallpapers, and as a gospel singer on American Idol. She continues to be a popular central Texas model, and we bet you'll be seeing more of her before too long.

  Cierra Danielle is Femcat!

Kim Renfro  


     Half of everybody's favorite sister act ("The Kim and Summer Show" from our 2009 calendar) is back for a solo appearance this year. Since last you saw her here, Kim's been blazing her own trails in central Texas as a print model. It's hard not to end up eventually in front of the camera with one of your siblings when you've got so many of them. (Kim and Summer come from a huge family), but when you get her all alone, well... Kim's a class act all by herself.

Kim appears at left in a black piped blue foil Rio bottom string bikini by Kiwi Bikinis.

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