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This is the place to download a screensaver or have fun with one of our new Cougar computer jigsaw puzzles. And they're all absolutely FREE! Well... Sort of...

All we ask is that if you do download it, you make a small contribution (on your honor, guys) to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a way of saying thanks. We suggest that you chip in a fully tax-deductible $5 for a screensaver and a buck for each of the puzzles to help your buddy "Femcat" and the good folks at LLS stamp out blood cancers permanently.

And of course, don't let anybody stop you from buying a 2005 Cougars and Kittens Calendar...

Keep in mind that the images in these are copyrighted, but you're allowed to post, mirror, e-mail, and otherwise copy the screensavers and puzzles as much as you like - provided the copyright notices on them stay attached and you mention to the eventual recipient that this is being done for charity and that he ought to chip in. To keep things simple (at least as far as URL's go), you can visit to get to the same "contributions to LLS" link. Also keep in mind that these snippets of code are provided to you with no warranty whatsoever. The screensavers and jigsaw puzzles have been tested on most versions of Microsoft Windows, but you're on your own when it comes time to install and run them. We've taken reasonable care, but use common sense at your end, since we're not responsible for data loss, machine damage, or anything else adverse that happens to you as a result of downloading and running this stuff.

Screensaver Download:

Shot from the screensaver of Jen Johnson and Chelsae Rae, the first of the 2006 Kittens. Remember you saw them here first!

Puzzles you can download.

We recommend that you download the .exe file to a spot on your machine locally and run it from there. Instructions for doing that appear below.

Amber Bollinger and 1968 Cougar
Becky Lock and 1968 Restomod
Bri Decoskey and 1969 Convertible
Gabreilla Martin and 1970 Eliminator
Melissa Baldwin and 1970 Restomod
Michelle Johnson and '70 Eliminator
Stephanie Hodge and '67 Restomod
The first 2006 Kittens!
Vicky Ann and '68 Sunroof "G"

To download to your machine locally, when you click on one of the above nine photos. you computer will probably prompt you with something like this (depending on your browser):

When you see this, make sure that the "Save it to disk" button is selected, and click on the "OK" button. That should cause Windows to prompt you for a location to put the executable file (such as shown below). We advise clicking at left on the "Desktop" icon, which will put the file on your Windows desktop. You can double click on it and run it from there if you like. Or you can put it in any other file location you think you can find easily with "Windows Explorer" or the equivalent.



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