Download the Cougars and Kittens 2005 Screensaver:

         For your convenience we're providing it in three different versions, each optimized for your Windows screen resolution. The three verions are for 800x600 mode (4:3 aspect ratio), 1024x768 mode (also 4:3 aspect ratio), and 1280x1024 mode (5:4 aspect ratio). All three versions will work on any Windows setup, however, if you choose the right one, the quality of the displayed images will be optimum for your system. You'll also save some time downloading if you only need 800x600 resolution and don't have to download a 1280x1024 sized screensaver.
         You can determine your screen resolution in Windows (most versions of Windows, anyway), by doing the following:
         First, move your mouse pointer to some location in the center of the screen where you have no active windows or icons. (This is to say, point the mouse cursor at a blank spot on the "desktop.") Then click the right button on your mouse (assuming you have it set up as a right-handed mouse, which most people will). When you do this, a window similar to the one below will pop up on the desktop.

         Next, when you've got the "Properties" bar highlighted, click on that. This will bring up a window that looks like the one below. Click on the tab that says "Settings."

         Once you've clicked "Settings," you'll see a window like the one below, which will tell you what your screen resolution is (indicated by arrow). In the case of this monitor and video card, things are set to 1280x1024 resolution.

         Don't change this number, but make a note of it, since it'll tell you which version of the screensaver to download for optimal image crispness and clarity.
         If you're still unsure of your resolution, a final (albeit crude) check is to look at the two lines in the figure below with your browser size "maximized" so it fills the entire screen. The top line is 900 pixels wide, and if you can't see both ends of it without scrolling, your screen resolution is probably 800x600. the second line is 1,100 pixels wide, and if you can see both ends of the first line but not of the second without scrolling, your horizontal screen width is somewhere between 900 and 1,100 pixels, meaning your screen is probably set to 1024x768 resolution. These days this is by far the most common Windows video setting. Finally, if you can see both ends of both lines without scrolling, you're probably looking at a screen with >1,100 pixel width, meaning the 1280x1024 saver is probably for you.

         Once you know your screen resolution, you need to click on one of the buttons below to start downloading.
Download the
800x600 version.
Download the
1024x768 version.
Download the
1280x1024 version.

         Once your download is ready to begin, Windows will pop up a window that looks roughly like this (depending on your browser):

         Choose to "save" a copy of the executable file locally by making sure the "save it to disk" option is selected. Once it's saved someplace convenient, double click on it and follow the installation instructions. At the end of the installation, the installer will automatically pop up the screensaver selection window, and "Cougars and Kittens" should be the selected screensaver. Then all you have to do is click "Okay" to exit, and you're ready to enjoy your new screensaver.
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